Bird’s the Word

Bird’s the Word: Catch fall migration in full flap during Flock to the Rock
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This month, thousands of migratory birds will be traveling through Western North Carolina on their journey south, and Chimney Rock Park offers the prime vantage point and premiere event for catching all the feathered action. Last year, more than 100 hawks were spotted during the annual Flock to the Rock, says Matt Popowski, events manager for the park, an official site on the North Carolina Birding Trail and home to more than 130 species of winged creatures. The weekend is full of programming to help folks identify birds and learn about their migratory habits. Walks led by ornithologists, hawk watches to view species such as the elusive peregrine falcon, and workshops on nature photography and backyard feeding help participants gain greater knowledge and appreciation. For families, more moderate birding hikes led by park naturalists offer interactive exhibits, and the kids can complete bird coloring book activities or dissect an owl pellet to learn more about the creature’s diet.                

Flock to the Rock
September 29 & 30
Chimney Rock State Park
(828) 625-9611