Biltmore Village

Biltmore Village: Natural Accent: Discover outdoors-inspired gifts in Asheville’s historic village
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At the doorstep of biltmore Estate lies one of the area’s earliest planned communities. Created by George Vanderbilt and a team of engineers, Biltmore Village, formerly known as Best, was a company town built in the late 1890s to house estate workers. A church, hospital, school, railroad depot, shops, and homes were constructed in the Tudor style. It was a picturesque hamlet that complemented the grand chateau. Today, many of the original buildings remain thanks to preservation efforts, and the village boasts a collection of boutiques and eclectic restaurants. As the season springs to life and Biltmore rolls out the Festival of Flowers (April 3-May 16), uncover unique finds to invigorate your naturalist instincts.
PhotographS (4) by Matt Tierney; (Curtis Wright Outfitters) by Mike Patterson; (Madison Park) Melissa C. Smith