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Big Day Blooms: Shannon Kirshner of Freckled Petal answers all things floral to help you plan your wedding botanicals
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Choosing florals creates a big impact for your event, but can be difficult to navigate, from pricing to selecting color schemes and sorting through all the new and upcoming trends. Freckled Petal is a floral design business based in Asheville, so named because of the genetic trait found in owner Shannon Kirshner’s family. Kirshner has years of experience working with clients to create the color palettes, decor, and arrangements that bring their dream aesthetic to life. Here, she gives us her tops tips for creating inspired wedding looks that wow.

What flowers and styles of botanicals are trending at the moment? What are you getting a lot of requests for? 
We’ve had more requests for color in 2024. Is it a trend? I’m not sure, but we’ll take it! Other than lavender and light blue (which is more subdued), or a dark moody burgundy/eggplant color palette, weddings and events that use citrus shades and pinks have a different energy. We tend to get so many positive comments from all types of people on those days. Baby’s breath has come into a new era, and boho is requested less. 

How far in advance should couples be thinking about the floral elements of their day? When should they be locating and speaking with their florist? 
No more than a year ahead. Some vendors do not book over a year out, and interests can change over time for the client. 

In terms of wedding venues, do you have a particular favorite you like to work with and why?
There are so many venues in the area that are great! The ones that have the ability to give longer setup times are my favorite because they allow more time for creative or technical designs. Good communication from the event specialists and easy access to the spaces for unloading and loading is also a big plus.

For couples looking to have a smaller, more intimate ceremony, how can they still include flowers in a big way?
Choose a cozy venue and flower it up! Ask your designer for ideas—they may have something amazing up their sleeve, something better than you imagined. They’ll have tips to help you stay within your budget, too.
Which floral elements provide the biggest bang for your buck, so to speak?
Each venue has different opportunities for big moments. Ceremony flowers may be important because your wedding photos always include the iconic “I do” shot. But if you have a beautiful vista, you may want to spend the money elsewhere. A chandelier dripping in flowers might be the big wow factor if it’s over the dance floor. Doorways might be a secondary thought, but I love when guests pass through florals for a more up-close and personal experience. It can feel magical mixed with candlelight. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I love to think back to when I was first learning, and all the different flowers and foliage were like medicine to my soul. When I’m in busy mode, it’s important to stop and remember that. I feel fortunate to be in a creative field even though a large part of this business requires many other hats. Inspiration comes from so many sources; it is as simple as walking in the forest or as complicated as finding the right teacher for the stage I’m in who will inspire my next step of growth. Excited clients are also an inspiration.

What would your advice be for couples looking to make a decision on their wedding day flowers? 
Go with a style that feels right to your personality and preferred aesthetic. What is the overall feeling you want to achieve on your day? Figure out the areas that are important to you and put your money in those places. But don’t overthink it! You will be making a million decisions about your wedding, but give your hired vendors the freedom to do what they do best. My best advice is if you speak to a florist and really connect and have confidence in them, book them. When you read your proposal, it should excite you and you should feel heard. It’s also a bit of a draft that will develop over a year. 

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