The Big 1-0-0!

The Big 1-0-0!: Two landmarks celebrate milestone anniversaries
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The Grove Park Inn

“Entranced by the panorama of these encircling mountains…the dream of an old-time inn came to me,” announced Edwin Wiley Grove on July 12, 1913, at the opening of his resort. The Grove Park Inn is hosting a celebration on July 12, with music by the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, guided history tours, a fireworks display, and the opening of a time capsule. A VIP hotel package includes a performance by B.B. King.


The Crossnore School for Children
Opportunity knocked in Crossnore when Dr. Mary Martin Sloop and her husband, Eustace, arrived in the early 1900s. The couple built a hospital, now Sloop Memorial, and provided training and jobs for women at a weaving center that still operates as the Crossnore Weavers & Gallery. But perhaps Dr. Sloop’s most noted contribution was The Crossnore School for Girls, which opened in 1913 as a boarding school for impoverished children. Today, it is a residential foster care facility, and the Crossnore Academy educates, tutors, and provides therapy. The school is celebrating with a Family Fair & Homecoming on July 20 and a dinner, Centennial Taste with a Twist, at Grandfather Golf & Country Club on August 5.


Photographs by: (Crossnore School) Robert Fuldner; Courtesy of the Grove Park Inn