Ballerina by Stefan "Steebo" Bonitz

Ballerina by Stefan "Steebo" Bonitz: "I like the challenge of making people smile with massive, unwieldy, otherwise intimidating forms."
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“I’m a big kid,” says Stefan “Steebo” Bonitz, who credits Tinkertoys and LEGOs as his creative building blocks. Nowadays, his toy box is full of heavy-gauge scrap metal culled from junkyards, and his constructions are large-scale, whimsical works. Bonitz often finds inspiration while searching for materials. The spark that led to the creation of Ballerina came when he discovered the “crinoline.” “I enjoy the irony in creating something that is meant to be light and weightless with a material that is just the opposite,” he says.

View his work at, or at Steebo Design in West Asheville, (828) 253-4610.