Visual Arts

Visual Arts
Eugene DuClos: Emerging Industrial Designer

Drew Findley: Subject Matter Studio

Whitney Deal: Whitney Deal Designs

Metal artist David Earl Tomlinson puts a tough spin on the classic quilt

The newest addition to Lenoir's outdoor sculpture collection looks to the town's past and future

The art of broom making remains alive and well in the hands of Marlow Gates

Watch and learn during Cashiers annual plein air festival

Layers of texture and color beautify Deb Karash's vivid art jewelry

Julyan Davis' latest paintings carry a melancholy tune

Martha Enzmann evokes awe through fanciful puppets and parades

For esteemed sculptor Michael Sherrill, the best is yet to come

Prints and pottery fuse in the hands of ceramist Keith Phillips

An opening unveils Alex Matisse's newest works straight from the kiln

The colorful landscapes and people of two very different regions inform the work of Asya Colie

Enter the boundless world of an innovative artist

Fiber sculptor Anne Lemanski narrates messages through her delicate conceptual creatures

Heather Knight imbues her delicate porcelain creations with textures inspired by elements of land and sea

At the hands of Leo Monahan, paper takes on a colorful, three-dimensional life

With birds in mind, one woodcrafter captures history in miniature

Lorraine Plaxico draws a harmonious union between art and architecture

Step aside, kids. The Catawba Science Center is giving grown-ups a chance to experiment after hours

Margaret Couch Cogswell injects child-like wonder in all her creations

Suzanne Q Evon’s evolution from glamour girl to luxe jeweler

Joel Queen expands on his legacy with contemporary and foreign influences

Wood shop rocks with the right tools

Lisa Klakulak sculpts accessories out of the woolliest of mediums

On your mark, get set, sew!

The Pipes Are Calling: Patrick Sky’s 40-year mission to revive an ancient Irish bagpipe

Double meanings: Inspiration found in the contrasts of daily life

Ugly America: Interpreting the state of poverty in this country

Man & Machines: Art and ideas in motion

Polished Delivery: Years of practicing behind the scenes pay off

Going with the grain: Wood and metal combine to form exquisite furnishings

Soul Searching: When painting becomes a meditative process

Past Perspectives: Capturing the flow of time in paper, paint, and ink

Truth be Told: Revisiting cultural icons through street art style

Taking Shape: One potter transforms her body of work

Feast for the Eyes: Putting the fun in functional pottery

Superheroes converge in Asheville for an assembly of comic proportions