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The winding route to Plumtree through far western Avery County on U.S. 19 East is the very definition of a road trip. It’s the kind of byway most people would take only if this out-of-the-way hamlet were the destination itself. But for fans of beer and scenic beauty, a thriving brewery and a cluster of outdoor options are enticing reasons to tour the North Toe River valley’s flower-filled fields.

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Hop the border to Virginia’s Primland for a luxury experience that reaches for the stars

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Internationally known for the quality of the mica in its soil, Spruce Pine is also ground zero for one of the most highly regarded craft communities in the nation. Potters and other artisan wizards work in the hills and hollers that surround Mineral City, making Spruce Pine a prime base for hiking, touring, and studio-hopping.

County: Madison Population: 868

The Southern Outer Banks beckon with pristine beaches, wild horses, and 300 years of swashbuckling lore

Head across the mountains to explore all that’s new in this revitalized and thriving city

County: Watauga, Population: 1,425

History lessons and a British pub await in this little college town

Bursting with shops and eateries in quaint brick buildings, Black Mountain looks and feels like a storybook village brought to life. Nestled in the Swannanoa Valley, the town first rose to prominence as a stop for tourists traveling to Mount Mitchell by train, and later by automobile. Modern travelers will also find it a charming place to explore.

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